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Thank you so much for your interest in setting up an appointment. I'm thrilled that you found me and I cannot wait to meet you! It is my goal to meet and surpass all of your service expectations and hair needs. Let's get started...


While I adore beautiful, long rainbow manes and other fun hair trends, I focus on what I love most and do best: gray coverage and blending; natural looking, dimensional highlighting; and short hair. I love creating looks for my guests that allow them to feel and look more youthful and confident, while preserving and enhancing the overall integrity of their hair. So if you're ready to have healthy, gorgeous hair that you truly love, then I’m your girl! 



Be sure to review my Service Menu below to discover which Session is the right fit for you. Time and investment expectations are included, leaving out all the guess work.


Begin by filling out a brief New Guest Form where you will provide some basic information, along with any hair goals.




Once I receive your Request Form, I will reach out within 24 hours to talk with you and set up your first appointment.


At this point, your reservation will be set and you can feel confident in our plan moving forward!




Upon arriving to my studio on the day of your scheduled appointment, I will greet you and guide you through the consultation process. Together we will formulate a plan tailored specifically for your hair needs, not just for your initial visit but a longterm one as well, ensuring all of your hair goals will be met. 

If you're coming in for color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded so that it's always ready and waiting at each of your visits. An array of amenities will be provided to keep you feeling completely comfortable as your color processes. 

Your haircut will be designed to perfectly suit your face shape, lifestyle and overall goals. Styling tips and tricks are always shared to equip you with the means to recreate your new look at home. 


Wrapping up your visit, recommendations for at-home care will be shared and discussed, and we will set up your next appointment. You can expect a follow up from me within the week to ensure that your style is just as expected, and I will eagerly await your next visit! 



No longer worry about using the correct “hair verbiage” when setting up your reservation, or worry if you booked everything you needed to correctly. Instead, find which experience fits your needs best with my simplified service sessions!

Specific services will be discussed during our in-salon consultation and customized to meet your hair goals and time allotted. 

Every color session includes: 

-Relaxing Shampoo Experience with aromatherapy & scalp massage

-Customized Haircut or Treatment 

-Personalized Styling Lesson

-Post Care Product Knowledge 


*Please note: All pricing is genderless, ageless, and nondiscriminatory and is subject to change due to certain factors, such as: above average use of product and/or time; the hair’s length, density, and condition; the complexity of the service; and in some cases, the need for additional sessions in order to protect the integrity of the hair. Final price quotes will be given prior to the start of any services performed. Prices and timing listed below are for New Guest service sessions, along with starting costs for maintenance sessions to follow.

Woman at the Beach


This session is perfect if you’re needing to:


Cover up your grays without any foil work, or you generally get just your roots touched up without any foil work or lightening. 


Investment: $165+  (Haircut included)

Suggested Maintenance: 3-8 weeks


My most requested session! This session is perfect if you are looking to maintain or make slight upgrades to your look, and one or more of these scenarios apply to you: 


- You need your grays covered and would also like to add a little dimension, (foil work), throughout the top and sides of your head. 


- You are looking to do some gray blending by adding in highlights and/or lowlights throughout the top, sides, and crown of your head. 


- You need highlights throughout the top, sides, and crown area, but you don’t need the back or underneath brightened up just yet. (Sometimes referred to as a “Partial Highlight”).


- You want to go darker all over, from roots to ends.

3.5 hours

Investment: $235+  (Haircut included)

Suggested Maintenance: 8-14 weeks 

Smiling Woman
Hair Color Palette


Are you craving a major change or in need of the works? This session is perfect if you’re looking for an all encompassing dimensional color service. This session is usually performed 1-3x/year depending on your desired maintenance level, and if one or more of these scenarios apply to you:


- You want to create as much brightness as possible for your hair type in a session. (Sometimes referred to as a “Full Highlight”). 

- You are a brunette who likes maximum dimension.  


- It’s your first time getting highlights, or it's been 6 months or more since your last color/blonding service.


- You want dimensional color and have very thick and/or long hair.


4+ hours

Investment: $300+  (Haircut included)

Suggested Maintenance: Varies 


A customized haircut to accentuate all your best features and showcase your true “Selphness.”



Relaxing Shampoo Experience with aromatherapy & scalp massage

Personalized Styling Lesson 

Post Care Product Knowledge


1 hrs 30mins

Investment: $98+

Suggested Maintenance: 4-12 weeks

Estimated Maintenance Cost: $82+ 

Hair Cut
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