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I'm thrilled to have you here to unveil some exciting new things that I'll be implementing into my business! Press play on the video below to get started:


No longer worry about using the correct “hair verbiage” when setting up your reservation, or worry if you booked everything you needed to correctly. Instead, find which experience fits your needs best with my simplified service sessions!

Specific services will be discussed during our in-salon consultation and customized to meet your hair goals and time allotted. 

Every color session includes: 

Relaxing Shampoo Experience with a scalp massage

Customized Haircut or Treatment 

Personalized Styling Lesson

Post Care Product Knowledge 

*Please note: All pricing is genderless, ageless, and nondiscriminatory and is subject to change due to certain factors, such as: above average use of product and/or time; the hair’s length, density, and condition; the complexity of the service; and in some cases, the need for additional sessions in order to protect the integrity of the hair. Final price quotes will be given prior to the start of any services performed. 

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